Sunday, 9 June 2013

Oh how I love my embellisher!

I have had this embellisher for a good couple of years now, and it has never really made it out of it's box! Lately I have had a couple of visitors to the shop asking if we would do any classes for it so I decided to get it out and have a bit of a play. I am so busy lately that I really feel that I need an excuse to just let loose and have fun! I had a go with the Simplicity 12 needle Deluxe embellisher and 'oh my' what fun I had!!!!

This was the first item I made on this occasion.

It is a pencil or make up holder and I am really pleased with the result, though I think a pink ribbon (which I didn't have) would have been better than the olive ribbon (which I did have!).

I had fun with a bit of hand and machine embroidery on it and I think that this really made the design come to life.

So after that I thought I would have a go at a bird as I have birds on another (secret) project that i am working on so thought it would be nice to do something I could share. This may become a book cover though I quitel like the idea of making him a centre piece for a cushion....

This little fellow looks happy enough perched on his branch amongst the cherry blossom! I think I may do a little extra beading on him, as there is no such thing as too much bling!

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  1. Great stuff Sarah, I find I'm using the embellisher as a tacking machine for collage,with a bit of care (and a lot of needles) it speeds the whole process up.


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