Great time at Great Staughton

I love to get the opportunity to teach! This week I was invited to Great Staughton & Perry Women's Institute to teach my button brooches to a group of 35 ladies! What was the big surprise was that my voice held out teaching so many keen ladies, especially as it was my first day back after time off work with a chest infection. The ladies were very patient as they listened to me wheeze... and we got a whole load finished! Well done ladies!

Here are some of the ladies sporting their finished brooches - strangely everyone seemed to go for the purple tonight!
 I had some helpers with this group as my voice couldn't quite reach all the way to the back and so I had to do a table at a time with each stage!
 It worked well, just as I finished the last table, the first one was ready for the next stage. It was almost like I planned it! And it was my biggest group yet!
And special thanks has to go to the ladies whose names I missed who made the lovely cakes we had to sustain ourselves with! Thank you for the invite and for the kind welcome!

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