What fun!

I love a good class! And one of the joys of having your own shop is that sometimes (workload permitting) you get to go on one!

The fabulous Gina Ferrari came to the shop on Friday to share her "Cords, Tassles and Beads" class on Friday. You basically create all the components and put them together in a necklace. This is mine - unfortunately the light wasn't very good so the picture isn't great, but it is purple with a splash of pink.

Being a smart arse, I made the treble tassel, and now I know how to make them I can see me making many many many more! The Tyvek beads wound with beaded wire were great fun to make and I am sure I can see many more uses for them, and the twisted cord is destined to turn up in bags and all sorts of places. So the whole class, as well as being huge fun, was a great source of inspiration!

Today is the first day of my holiday, and we have decided to stay at home and build a pond rather than go away. Being in the middle of a drought we hoped for some good weather. Obviously this has not happened, but undaunted we ploughed on (literally!). Perhaps the rain forecast for the rest of the week will save us having to fill it with buckets!

So after 2 hours digging, we have the beginning of a pond!
Still a bit to go but it has been a joy to get out the old floral wellies and get mucky! By the end of the week we will either have a pond, or a very muddy puddle!

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  1. Glad you had fun on Friday Sarah. Looks like your pond will fill itself at this rate!


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