Something and nothing!

Sometimes there is the urge to make something! Sometimes it is to make a 'nothing' - a thing that you make just for the joy of making and looking at - a piece of artistic ephemera. Other times I want to make 'something', something useful, something with a real purpose. Today has been one of those days!

I finished this "round the world" cushion for my friend's birthday gift last night for delivery on Monday, even sewing a zip in the back which I am particularly pleased with! The finished squares are an inch across and I really enjoyed the challenge of putting it together. 

I feel the urge to make a bigger one now with equally small pieces. But until I decide that it's time to say good bye to my sanity and start on that particular project, I decided to make something else functional. 
So I made my little netbook, which currently resides in my studio ready to use when the mood takes me, a fine new jacket! I used this fabulous Robert Kauffman fabric with a terrific co-ordinating blue lining and now my little box of tricks is the best dressed tech in town! 

 Once Paul saw my new snazzy laptop case, he wanted one for his camera. His colour choices are a little more muted than mine, but at least I managed to get him away from a black bag with a black lining!

So he's happy too, and I have posted the tutorial here if you fancy having a go!

So what shall I make next....?

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