Thursday, 20 January 2011

A gift we can keep...

Well I have taken a bit of a break from blogging since the advent blog but more out of necessity rather than choice. One commission completed during the first week of January was not to be blogged about at the request of the client so there was nothing to share that week. Once that was out of the way I started on Paul's quilt - at last... a gift we can keep in the house! I have collecting fabrics for this one for ages. I wanted to do a wonky log cabin in black and whites - and this is the work in progress.

Each square trims to 12 inches and the finished piece is going to be 6 squares by 5 squares - so big for a lap quilt. But he wants to be able to bundle up in it so who am I to argue!

Here are some close ups of some of the squares. I chose the turquoise centre - Paul wanted a dark blue but I thought it would get lost and so over ruled him! When he asked 'whatever happened to the customer always being right', I pointed out that the designer knows best! Well I let him chose the zigzag layout!

So all 30 squares are completed, they just need to be stitched together, basted and quilted! Easy peasy!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What to do...?

Well today was one of those days! I had to stay in today and wait for various delivery men and I couldn't risk missing the door bell by working my studio on the top floor. So I had two options - 1) fire up the computer in the office and complete my tax return, or 2) sit in the living room all day beading and watching back to back episodes of Midsummer Murders. Guess which option won - well there are 2 weeks left before my tax has to be completed.....

So I spent a few happy hours with Barnaby and made myself a necklace into the bargain! Result!!! The necklace is a red and black seed bead nett with a ceramic donut held in place with an even weave peyote stitch bail and fringe.

Now that is more fun that a tax return eh?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

some news....

Just a quick post to share some news I had today (because I HAVE to tell someone!). Before Christmas I invited the daughter of a friend to spend a day with me in my studio to make herself something. She made a great book cover and I passed on all the  comments left by my lovely readers! (She was over the moon at what you guys said so many thanks!). Well the upshot is that she showed the finished book to her textile teacher at school - who now wants me to go in for half a day and teach her students how to do the same! Amazing! I had to say 'yes'! Well I can't say any more yet as we haven't confirmed dates etc but I am so excited! 2011 is starting well!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Some more gifts to share - Necklace gifts

This year I made some jewellery gifts for friends.

I have a necklace that my friend Sarah always admires (and tries to steal) so I decided to make her one with a matching bracelet. I finished it back in November and put it 'somewhere safe' only to forget where that was. As the time to deliver the present drew nearer I turned the house upside down but to no avail! It had gone. So there was nothing for it but to get busy and spend the next three evenings making another one! FI finished just in time - and as I went into my studio to wrap the second version, what did I spy but the original! In a place I had already searched! How is that possible? Oh well - I have packaged up the original and will think of something to do with the second edition. I bet if I hadn't made it I would never have found the first one again - so it must be a lucky necklace!!!

This necklace is for my friend Jules and is made of hematite (a form of iron oxide). It is said to be a good healing and grounding stone, it strengthens the body and improve resistance to life's stresses. Inside each ring I have threaded a sparkly 4mm clear pearl for a bit of added bling!

This one was a commission and was the first one to use the hematite rings. Unfortunately I had to photograph it at night as I went up to the wire in terms of deadline, so the colour is a little off. And you don't really appreciate the sparkly quality of the swarovski crystals!
All three gifts were received in good grace and I hope they will all wear them with pride! I bought some clear plastic bags (designed for card making) to put them in - I hope it makes them look a little more professional (and it keeps all the bits together....!).

BTW - let me know what you feel about the new page design! I felt like I wanted to inject some colour to this drab January but am not sure if it is 'too much'!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

And the winner is....

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner for my give away, but things have been a little busy around here for the past few days! However, everyone who commented up until midnight on the 1st of January went into a hat, and a winner has been drawn!

Congratulations Lyn Armstrong over at Stitch and Bake.

She wins the bundle of purple and blue goodies from my studio! Hopeful she will make something truly scrumptious with it!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcoming 2011 and sharing Kiah's dress

Well now ALL of the gifts have been boxed, wrapped, unwrapped and (hopefully) enjoyed so I am able to start 2011 by sharing them with you. Here is a dress I made for my 3 year old niece Kiah.

This is my first foray into dress making and I was delighted with the results:

The dress is a little too big but should fit her by the summer - and this is her modelling it on Boxing Day when my family gets together to exchange our gifts.

I made her a matching headband which did fit perfectly! She looks adorable!
I love the fabrics which I bought just for this project at the Festival of quilts in the summer. I got the pattern at the same time and I am pleased to say that it was simple enough to follow for a novice like me. I even managed to make my first ever button holes! The buttons are covered with the fabric used in the skirt so it looks super cute!
Just a quick reminder that there is still time to comment and be added to my giveaway!