Preparing for a challenge!

After a false start earlier in the year I have finally got around to being booked to teach at Bourne Grammar school. Tuesday is the big day!

I was approached a while back by their textile department to bring a different viewpoint to their GCSE group. The brief changed a bit on the way, but we have finally got around to deciding on a piece of work based on the Olympics for the school's end of year fashion show. They have sewing machines but no embroidery feet, so the design is limited to something that can be done with a normal straight sewing foot, so I will be using the Olympic torch as an image.

So I have a group of 15 year old girls (17 in all) who I hope will enjoy doing something different.

At the moment, most of the samples are finished, and the materials packs are almost done... 18 packs of mixed silks, organza, papers, beads and a needle!
Still a few bits to finish off, and I am a little nervous at teaching such a big group of teenagers but I am sure it will all be fine in the end! I can't be any more prepared!!!


Feel free to let me know what you think!