Getting the creative juices flowing!

I have had a very busy few weeks, with not much going on in the studio, but sometimes all you need to get those creative juices flowing is to spend a little time in the company of another creative creature! Today I was lucky enough to spend time with such a lady - my friend Pam McDonald, otherwise known as the Crafty Mugwump. She has just joined us in blog land after following me and those blogs I follow for the last 2 years. She has only done a couple of posts so far but there will be many more to come, but I felt I had to plug share with you.

So this 'pop in for coffee' turned into a 5 hour session as I 'oohed' and 'aahhed' my way around her lovely home and brilliant work. She uses her own hand dyed fabric, paper, buttons, bits of sting, wood, shells, pebbles, quite frankly: anything she can lay her hands on to create works that stun me to silence (and that doesn't happen often!). I cant wait for you guys to get to see some more of her stuff as she spreads her blogging wings and shares more of her experimental work with you.

Note to all - THIS IS NOT MY WORK! This is a little taster of Pam's work, using felt and all manner of embellishments to create a work of extraordinary depth.

I took pictures of more of her work, but it is not my place to share it - I will leave it to her so keep an eye on this lady (no pressure Pam!). Enjoy!

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