Inspired by the Crafty Mugwump....

After reading about her 'raggy' on the website of the Crafty Mugwump at the weekend, I was inspired to share mine! I actually started this a few weeks ago after seeing her raggy in the flesh and thinking "what a clever idea"! I have been so busy over the last few weeks that there has been little real time to spend in the studio, just a stolen 20 mins here and there. So the raggy is brilliant. I get a stitching and colour fix before I head out to be super woman for a bit longer!

Here are some pictures of mine....

I have used a piece of fabric I dyed on a Ruth Issett course I took at Art & Stitch last year.  The colours are honestly deeper in real life. They look a little washed out here!
A bit of machine stitching...

Here is some of the hand stitching I have added so far, in lime and orange!

I even like the back! Perhaps the next time I do this I will just go made on a piece of black cotton!

 This is the original piece before I did much with it. A brightly coloured sheet with some finger drag marks in it! Was never sure what to do with it until I saw the raggy and then... off we go! 
Everyone really should have a raggy!


  1. Oh, I do like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely colours Sarah - pile on those stitches - you can never do too much to a raggy.


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