More dolls that I didnt make!

A couple of weeks ago I shared the work of Lesley O'Brien who makes dolls in Tewkesbury. Well ,she read my blog and left a comment:

"I am Lesley O'Brien and I made this doll. I am one of those peculiar 'crafty' people who love to make things for people who love them. This piece took about 15 hours to make as the embroidery and bead work took hours! I sell to people to appreciate my work, not for profit! So glad she has found a lovely home. I am at The Bay Tree, 78 Church Street (advertising!) Tewkesbury if anyone interested in crafts cares to pop in, I have loads of stuff to show you."

As one who appreciates hand made items I couldn't resist at return visit when I worked in Tewkesbury again. This time I met Lesley, and came home with the wonderful piece I have christened Lady Cate. Isn't she fabulous!
The detail this lady puts into her dolls is amazing! She even has a moist looking little nose!

Here is a doll I bought about 6 months ago at a craft fair. I am afraid I can't find the makers details, but she was another find! So introduing Jolene - she has a raunchy soul!!

And here is my space badger! This was an inside joke between the lovely Paul and myself when we were first together, and my Mum made the character come to life!

Obviously no self respecting space badger would be seen without his weapon and his breathing apparatus!
She did a lovely job didn't she!


  1. Oh they are beautiful with such lovely details ~ must have taken a lot of patience ~ Just look those tiny stiches """" Ally x

  2. The dolls are beautiful I love the new one that is soo gorgeous. Although I think the Space Badger wins the day!!!


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