Change your life

If you follow my blog you will probably know that I have one of those jobs that takes up way more of your life than it should. I work long hours and drive a mental amount of miles (sometimes 2 or 3 thousand miles a month) with nights away from my lovely Paul spent alone in hotel rooms. But this has all changed. I have decided that it is time to break free from my usual grind and see if I can let my creative bird fly!

Before this I was barely surviving creatively but had money in the bank. I have decided that this really is the wrong way around and so I plan to see if I can make enough money to survive financially whilst adding something more to my emotional life. Giving up a well paid regular job is scary - and some may say irresponsible, but I need to spend more time living! I turned 38 yesterday, and I feel that I need to make a change before the big four-O looms large. My husband died suddenly when I was 30 and he was only 34, so I am fully aware of how short life can be. I can't imaging that I would look back on my life from my deathbed and say 'I wish I had worked longer hours!'

So the immediate plan is to do some contracting for the old day job a couple of days a week to keep the wolf from the door, and do some craft fairs coming up to Christmas to try to make some pin money, so if anyone knows of any good ones around Peterborough/Cambridge area over the next few months then please do sing out! I am also going to be working on some more courses in beading to deliver anywhere that will have me. So watch this space and let's see how we roll!


  1. Such a wonderful brave thing to do Sarah... but so right. You may never be rich working in this creative world but I'm certain you will be happy. And you are very talented so you deserve success. I wish you lots of luck.

  2. Go for it Sarah ,and I wish you every success,there has to be more to life than driving around and making money ,happiness is very important ,and you know what I always say ,'If it feels right do it ' Jan xx


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