Happy Halloween

Well I know we dont  make such a big deal about Halloween as the Americans, but the kids around where I live seem to love it, and I can't blame them. How often are you allowed to dress up and shout 'bo' at strangers?

So to get into the spirit of things I carved up one of the unripened pumpkins from the garden and popped him in the window (sorry about the quality of the photo but it was getting dark.)

As a result we do not have a scrap of chocolate left in the house (much to Paul's dismay) and a slightly freaked out Maisy kitten with the constant doorbell ringing! But we do have a lot of cheerful children in the area!And they all looked so cute!!!!

Well I am in  a cheerful mood myself because my new labels arrived yesterday and I love them!
I can't wait to make something to sew one into! I am away most of this week working so it will probably be the weekend at the earliest, but rest assured I will share when the moment arrives!

Happy Halloween mwha haa haaa ha haaaaaaa


  1. Love the labels Sarah. Happy Halloween :)

  2. Whoo ooo your window looks spooky ,we had three dear little kids and when they said 'trick or treat', Maurice ,(the tease)
    said trick !! they were spell bound ,no pun intended lol ,and their Mum chuckled and admitted they werent ready for that ,Maurice however did reward them with sweeties ..love your labels ,dont work to hard next week save some energy for making nice things when you get home ,love Jan xx

  3. love the lables, can you recommend your supplier maybe? Im up in Hull and had been looking for someone whose product was nice looking so would be grateful for the link and happy to mention you a srecommending in case you geta cashback!
    I have picked up lots of watchy parts, most often in rusty tins, from our two local car boots. walton street on sunday mornings here in Hull and at South Cave which is west of Hull. Abit far for you to treck i know sorry lol but car boots have been my best finds.
    And have bought odd watches from 50p boxes at them too but it is pot luck and lots of visits when there was nowt at all worth taking home!


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