Thursday, 7 October 2010

Look what I found...

I was working in Tewkesbury last week and as usual took a wander during my lunch break. I happened across a little shop on the hight street called The Bay Tree where I couldn't resist the most beautiful doll.

I have named her Tatania after the queen of the fairies because she just has that 'otherworldly' vibe!

This was hand made by the lady who owns the shop. She wasn't there that day so I chatted to her sister. The shocking thing for me was that this exquisite hand made doll was for sale for only £30.  It makes you wonder how someone makes a living out of what she does. Obviously the fact that she has a shop that sells lots of other lovely items must help, but still!


  1. Tatiana is lovely! She reminds me of a 1920's flapper

  2. Oh she is lovely ,what a bargain ,oh Morris sends his love,I am off to the Great Northern for lunch and a seminar Jan xx

  3. She's beautiful and just goes to show how textile art is still so greatly undervalued. At least the lady can be pleased that she now belongs to somebody who greatly appreciates her!

  4. I am Lesley O'Brien and I made this doll. I am one of those peculiar 'crafty' people who love to make things for people who love them. This piece took about 15 hours to make as the embroidery and bead work took hours! I sell to people to appreciate my work, not for profit! So glad she has found a lovely home. I am at The Bay Tree, 78 Church Street (advertising!) Tewkesbury if anyone interested in crafts cares to pop in, I have loads of stuff to show you.


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