Well it is that time of year again. Spring is definately in the air and the daffs are in bloom... and my thoughts are drawn to new beginnings, and endings. This Sunday will be 6 years since my Nev died, and dispite a new and wonderful life I will probably never let that day pass without a quiet having a quiet moment. This year April 12th falls on Easter Sunday which means I will probably be out with family smiling and eating chocolate for most of the day. But when all of that is over, I will move into my studio for a time, and concentrate on making something beautiful.

I sometimes think that I am truely blessed. I should have been in the car with Nev that day, and probably wouldnt have survived. But I wasnt. I was given a second chance, at life, and at happiness and I am determined to make the best of what I have. So I try to let my creativity flow and make the best of what I have been given - if that is family, friends, or an interesting pile of fabric scraps. So this Easter I plan to let my creativity flow and see what happens.

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