Happy stones

I met a lovely man in Eastbourne yesterday - and I am not just saying that because he thought I was a student and immediately knocked about 10 years off my age - which is always lovely! And you cant say he had bad eyesight because this particular man makes gemstone jewellery.

I was just pottering around some shops on the way back to the car after a day working at a firm in Eastbourne when I spotted this beaded jewellery shop and I was simply drawn in like a moth to a flame. Now this is a man who loves his job! His work all use semi precious stones simply strung and absolutely gorgeous.

My idea was to buy, and then break up into individual cabochons to use in my work. However I am wearing the red jasper one now, and I am not sure I want to break it now! I feel stunning!!

The other necklace uses green 'Agate Botswana' which are the teardrop shaped stones, the large ovals and small brown ovals are types of Jasper, the small green and black ovals are 'Ruby Zoisite' and the others are types of Carnelian. The pic doesn't really do justice because the colours are AMAZING!
As you can see, he uses amazing stones, and I got the pieces cheaper than I could if I bought the stones individually. So they were a bargain as well as a pleasure to buy. If you are ever passing, pay the man a visit. 10 mins in his company surrounded by such beautiful work prepared me for the 7 hour drive home at the beginning of a bank holiday weekend! His details are Gef Tom Son - Studio 26, Enterprize Centre, Station Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex - 01323 412342. He loves gemstones, and he loves to talk to the women who will wear them!!

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  1. Aren't they gorgeous, I think that's what you call a lucky find.


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