Just messing about...

My favourite thing about textiles is that you have a huge opportunity to play! Great things can come out of a bit of a mess about, or you might simply end up with a mess!

This piece is is the perfect example. The other night - in a fit of boredom with TV - I got out a pile of synthetic fabrics in some rather garish colours.
I machine stitched them down onto some felt.

Then I used my heat gun to distress the fabrics and applied more machine stitching in a number of variated threads.

Next came some heavy hand stitching in running, feather and chain stitch and a few beads for good measure. I have had it with me this week in hotel rooms along the south coast - and so has had some serious stitching!!!

It is nearly finished now, and I plan to make it into a book cover - if I eventually get around to it. No bad for a bit of a play!


  1. Isn't it amazing how something so beautiful can be created from such a mess.

  2. Lovely piece of stitching Sarah. Good luck with your forthcoming move. I don't know where I would even begin in packing up my workroom!


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