a life in boxes

Well the trauma of packing for the move has started. It is at least a week before we are due to go (assuming that solicitors and mortgage companies can get their act together) but I want to get on top of things. The biggest job is going to be packing up my embroidery room. I sat down earlier to pack the magazines (an easy start I hear you say) - but no, 3 hours later I had read all of them and still not placed a single one in a box. I think that this may take a little longer than planned!!

I look forward to seeing the half finished projects and forgotten purchases that I will most likely find in hidden spaces! What fun - I can't wait!!!!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Oh my, your work is absolutely gorgeous.
    Your bead work is amazing.


  2. Thanks Alma - that is very kind of you to say so. I am still getting used to the idea that lots of people can see it. I usually only display it around my neck :)


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