A small gift

Every summer for the last few years my lovely Dad has decamped to Canada to stay with his brother for a few months. Being a friendly and approachable kind of fellow he has made many friends. When two of those friends became grandparents, Dad thought "I know what would be the ideal gift - a quilt! I'll just ask my Sarah to rustle something up for my next visit". Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I readily agreed. How hard can it be, I thought? A turned 9 patch, an evenings work and weyhay... an heirloom!!

Unfortunately this is me we are talking about... so this is how the conversation went in my head...

"Turned 9 patch is a little simple, lets try something a little more interesting... I know - an I SPY quilt. 

So what shall I put in the quilt? Cats, dogs, babies, grandparents, parents... how about photos?

I have used photo fabric before - should be a doddle!"

So in the end I tried to keep it simple! Bright and cheerful once I had mastered the various elements and got my printer to play nicely!
After a bit of messing about, I got it done last week in between pond building sessions. So next was the 'how to quilt' conversation to have with myself.

Even with that one I talked myself into going all out. No stitch in the ditch for this sister! No way! Free machined heart and flowers motifs with invisible thread (something I had never used before) - which took me 3 solid days to complete. Who knew quilting could be so painful - I ache all over!

Well at least it is done now, and I (and my dear Dad) are delighted with the results. I hope Emilie and her family will be equally happy when it goes to Canada in June.

I am glad I am never one to take the easy path - It leads to some rewarding results!

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  1. Love it Sara- you are so right about going that extra mile. Great result.


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