A Fabulous Distraction!

Today was a red letter day! Nothing creative happened but I had one of the most amazing days.

I love my Sci Fi - and I always have. Star Trek, Dr Who, Star Wars, Torchwood... I love 'em all! I have a huge collection of audio books from Dr Who and Torchwood which I listen to as I work in my studio.

So the fact that there is a show on this weekend in Peterborough where all these shows are represented was too good to be true!

 Me & the cast of the Dr Who the Movie. Sylester McCoy was a delight!
 Excitement of excitement - All of Torchwood where there! I was leaning into John Barrowman who had his hands on my should, when Gareth put his hand on my bottom! Result - made my day!!!

Never one to miss out on a hand crafted item on any occasion, I found this fantastic Tom Baker Dr Who bear. Isn't he fabulous! I just loved him instantly.
 And there was plenty of opportunities to snuggle up to a man in uniform, even if that uniform was quite a scary one!

Well I am heading off there again tomorrow to rub shoulders with a couple of Star Trek crew members and Avon from Blake 7. What fun!!!

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  1. Wow look at you with John Barryman ,how exciting ,where was this event ? hadn't heard anything about it ...love Jan xx


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