Another class!

I had a great time teaching at Bee Crafty on Friday. A group of ladies joined us on a Stitched Landscapes class. The idea was to take a photograph, and re create it using scraps of paper, fabric, Tyvek, threads and wool, plus anything else they could think of.

The challenge is usually getting people to "free up" - many of them are used to the precise measurements required in quilting - like the 1/4 inch seam. This is more of a free form class, so I found myself saying "do it however you want to" when they asked questions like "how big should I make it?", "what colour should I do the sky?" and "Which thread should I use?". They soon got the hang of it and here are the (as yet unfinished) results:

The pictures that they chose varied, from a beach scene to a cityscape of Moscow and the results were just as varied.

I think that they will be looking at those scraps they usually throw away in a new light from now on!

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