Feels like Spring Time...

.. well not quite! It may be cold and gloomy outside, and I have to switch the lights on by 2pm but there can always be a little bit of spring in my studio. So as I was finding it a miserable the other night I decided to get creative and create my own bit of sunshine!

So some felt, scraps of fabric, a few buttons and some beads and the sun came out! The quilting was fun, but it would have been easier if I had bought home any of my feet when I brought home my sewing machine but alas... so this was quilted with a zipper foot! Who knew that was even possible?

I am still on the hunt for a bee button to put at the top, so I will be paying Etsy a visit, but apart from that it is all done!

It has proved so popular that I will be teaching it in the shop on 21st January next year and hope it makes some other people remember those spring days that seem so far away!


  1. That's lovely Sarah - very fresh and contemporary.

  2. A very delightful piece of work and so good to look at on a rainy day, like the one in Somerset today. I must just say though, that I saw some primroses whilst out walking the village lanes on Boxing day!


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