Busy Busy Busy!

Well I have been busy with work and life, but I have finally got around to making some bits and pieces. But before I share, here is a quick picture of myself, Julie & the fabulous Jennie Rayment who joined us in the shop on Friday.

She was brilliant! She said some lovely things about our little shop and enjoyed herself so much she is going to come back 3 times next year to teach some more yumminess! I really do have the best job in the world!

Well on my last post I teased you with a picture of a few bits of twisted bargello, but now we have some (almost) finished ones (just borders to go)! It took some doing but I eventually finished the twist part. I still have to choose a border but I am getting used to it before I steam into that decision! I was a bit worried that my usually bright colour palette would be too much this time... but I love it!
This one belongs to Barbara - though she blinked as I took the picture!

And this one is Jean's
Vicki had planned to finish hers too - but baby Logan arrived 3 weeks early and put paid to that!

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