Things are coming along apace!

Things are moving with my new shop! Stuff is beginning to be delivered now that my lovely Dad has (almost) finished the shop fit! There is still the top for the coffee bar to arrive - but that is not coming until next week.

Today there was some excitement as we got the first of our fabric deliveries, some King Tut threads and we got around to hanging a couple of quilts.

This is one side of the workshop area....

We will be teaching the twisted Bargello on the left in September and October and probably the middle Bargello in 2012.

Then to greet you as you walk in we have one of mine - made of Moda Citrus to brighten your way!

 This may become a class if enough people ask for it as well!

Well, best get back to it now! Plenty of work to do.....


  1. This is becoming more and more exciting Jan xx

  2. A new shop... how exciting! The quilts displayed are gorgeous, I'm sure you'll get lots of inquiries for classes!

  3. Sounds like you are keeping good and busy. Hampton Court looked good glad you had a nice day.


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