A new (surprise) member of the family

Just in case you thought my life was all work and no fun, I thought I would introduce you to the newest source of amusement in our house! If you don't like cats then I suggest you stop reading now and come back later hehe.

Meet Captain Jack Archibald Pemberton the Third!
Our neighbours found him stuck in a bush out the back of our houses on Saturday morning when they heard him crying. Poor little mite! They know I already have 2 cats so asked if I could look after this sweet little kitten until we worked out what to do with him. I couldn't refuse.... I mean.... just look at him!

So join us he did! Since he arrived there has been a bit of a Mexican stand-off interspersed with a lot of hissing but I hope that wont last for ever. Anyway, I took him to the vets to get him checked out and see if he had a chip (which he hasn't). Until then we thought he was a she, but now he is correctly labelled, and carbon dated at about 14 weeks, and now we have named him he must be staying, unless the notices I put up in the area result in his real owners coming forward. I don't hold out any hope for this though, as the circumstances he was found in suggests he may have been dumped out of a car!

But as you can see that doesn't seem to have bothered him! He got a clean bill of health and was wormed to boot!

Before you ask about the name, he is debonair and I think he looks like he is wearing a grey trench coat, hence Captain Jack (which has nothing to do with my deep love of Doctor Who, Torchwood and all things Barrowman...) and for a fella with this level of sophistication; one name was never going to be enough! He may have started off in the gutter (hedge) but he is rising to greater things lol!


  1. oh my, too adorable! Cap'n Jack is very blessed to have found a good new home. I see hours of entertainment in your future, watching the kitties interact! (Hope you can still get some work done...)

  2. Aaahhh such a cute little kitty, how could anyone resist.

  3. Captain Jack is gorgeous!

  4. smitten by a kitten lol and am not at all surprised.!


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