Friday, 29 July 2011

A quick update...

With the shop opening a week tomorrow, you can imagine that everything is SHOP SHOP SHOP! So not much in the way of personal creativity is going on yet! However, on the shop front we have now finalised the workshop list starting in September through to December. 

We have some real highlights coming up with a visit from the fabulous Jennie Rayment doing her manipulating magic with "All Squared Up" in November:

"Unique and innovative designs all created by manipulating squares in ingenious forms. Use these designs for quilt blocks, garments, home d├ęcor or where ever you wish. An excellent class for all fabric manipulators or ‘wannabees’ – no experience - just a desire to tweak and twitch a little. (All designs 5” square) "

Kathleen Laurel Sage will also be paying a visit in November doing some exciting jewellery with organza and a soldering iron!

Gina Ferrari with be teaching her ever popular "Machined Books" using machine embroidery techniques to produce these unique textured works of art.

The talented Anne Stacey will be teaching a regular monthly class for the less confident quilter based around a sampler quilt and the delightful Jill Adamson will be teaching her twisted Bargello quilt, a stunning Christmas dinner setting with crackers as well as getting us all started with some knitting classes.

So we are well on our way!

Here are some graphics of the leaflets as I cant work out how to embed a pdf into this blog. If anyone is interested in the pdf, please leave me a comment with an email addy and I will fire one off to you!

Anyway, that is probably enough now... where did I put that pricing gun?

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