Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What is a girl to wear?

That is always a toughie! Well I am invited to a party this weekend and I have bought the most divine dress (brightly coloured and covered in peacock feather motifs shown draped in the picture below) but alas could find no suitable jewellery. So never one to let a crafty opportunity go to waste, I rustled up this little number!

The dress is a strapless maxi dress (to hide all those dreadful humps and bumps) so I wanted something simple but colourful! I raided my beading stash for some blue and purple beads and knotted them onto some blue cord. Some of the beads had to be helped onto the cord with the aid of a dremel and a very small drill bit but we got there in the end!

I think the results will show off the dress to a tee!


  1. Lovely! The colors look perfect for the dress!


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