The reveal....

The other day I gave you a little teaser on my latest project, so today I can reveal the finished object.

This is Andromeda. She is my first go at doll making and I finally finished her in the early hours of this morning - that's compulsion lol!
She has a black silk dupion body that I put together about a year ago from a pattern I saw in a magazine and I started the beading.

This was a labour of love that I picked up whenever I needed something to keep my hands busy and didn't have an ongoing project.

The skirt has been distressed with a heat gun to distress it. A girl named after a galaxy isn't going to have time to iron her frock!

Her face cause me some trouble. It didn't want to look like a 'normal' doll face as that doesn't suit the nature of her character. So I bought some air dry clay at the weekend and tried making it as 'mask'.

I popped some beads into the skin and carved in some of the finer details with a pin as it dried. I then painted it white and added the lips to give a sense of 'other worldliness' - a bit like a geisha girl face that looks unreal.

So then it was to the hair.

It couldn't just be a curly bob now could it! So out comes the textured wool and the bead box again!

So now she is finished and I have no idea what to do with her! I will have to find her somewhere to sit in the studio and she can stare down at with me those eyes...

As a first go I am delighted with the result, but now I have to find another long term UFO to fill my time! I might have a go at another doll, perhaps with a steampunk theme this time.


  1. Wow ,I never in my wildest dreams imagined this ,how absolutely Jan xx

  2. Wow! She is fabulous! That hair is awesome. Love her jeweled face :)

  3. You have put so much time into making your beautiful Doll ~ you must be very proud of your achievement ~ Ally x

  4. Oh goodness - she is most certainly different and very effective - I bet you are really pleased with her.


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