A garden transformed!

I love veg gardening and I have had a little patch behind the shed since we moved in 2 years ago. However the grass between the raised beds has proved a pain to manage, and easily gets out of control as the season goes on, as you can see from these pictures taken last week...

Oh for the shame of it! So I called upon my lovely Dad and his trusty shovel to come and rescue this poor neglected space and voila! What a job he has done!
It took him two days to dig out all the grass, lay weed suppressant and cover it with bark! All I did was supply tea and biscuits, and a Cromer crab salad lunch.

I now have a nice place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and admire my growing veg!

Thanks Dad!


  1. I will second that ,Yes your Dad is a Star indeed Sarah,what a difference ,you are lucky and so was he crab salad Mmmm...love Jan xx

  2. oh wow that is impressive roll on home grown veg then!!!


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