Spring inspires me!

Yes indeed - the first sight of spring and I am up and ready to be creative. The old foot is a bit dodgy so I have started with a little gentle quilting!

I bought a moda solids jelly roll at the opening of Art & Stitch last week and couldnt resist having a play! I am afraid I took these pictures on my phone so they aren't the best, but I hope you get the idea!

The fabrics are so bright I went for a very simple pattern so the colours are the stars! Here I am deciding whether to go for a diagonal or random pattern....

I think I prefer the random!

Well I have a few days of 'proper' work to get on with this week, so probably wont get any further before the bank holidays, so I will share with you then!

I just wanted to share with you another picture I took on my phone yesterday, a couple of beautiful trees weighted down with blossom at Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland. Ain't nature grand?


  1. I love the gardens at Barnsdale such a tribute to the man who planted them. Quilt is looking good.

  2. Oh how I wish could have been at the opening , I bet it was awesome ,I think I prefer,diagonal,but what ever its going to be great... love Jan xx


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