Joining the party...

As some of you may have noticed, today was the Royal Wedding here in the UK. Never one to miss out on a good old knees up, we jumped at the chance to join in with a friend's street party. "Bring a bottle and some goodies" were the only instructions, so I set to it!

As any of you who have ever seen me will probably gather, I like cake... and the best kind of cake (as far as I am concerned) is cheesecake... and for a royal wedding we need a suitably attired cheesecake!

Here it is out of the tin with a few of the others...

I should say at this point that this beast is a recipe of my own and has a lot of fat free quark, low fat cheese and fat free fromage fraise in it (with some full fat double cream to balance it out!) - so you can have 2 pieces without feeling too bad about it!

Here is another star - the Sylvanian Families Wedding couple! I thought they were adorable but they did suffer a little in the wind! We had to chase them down the street more than once!!!

Weren't we a bunch of happy campers! Spoilt for choice (there was a bbq as well but cake is faaaar more interesting!)

The weather held out and a brilliant day was had by all. I hope you enjoyed the day in your own way to.

Congrats to the happy couple!
And Thank You for an extra bank holiday ;)


  1. Love it! I wanted to decorate the top of the cheesecake I made exactly like that but because it had been commissioned by someone else I wasn't sure they would appreciate it! Wasn't it a super day.

  2. Oh how yummy .well done, and yes a fantastic day, I was glued to the T V all day long Jan xx


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