Quilt pics of "my log cabin has a swimming pool"

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I didn't want to publish pics of the finished quilt until Paul had seen it, as it didn't seem very fair. Well he has it now and he delighted!

I called the quilt "My log cabin has a swimming pool" because of the central square is usually red to represent the 'hearth' in the centre of the home. Paul wanted blue - and so my log cabin has a pool in the centre of the home instead!

I really enjoyed the wonky log cabin, and the zigzag is definitely striking!

I don't know if you can see from this picture, but I chose to quilt the squares in a spiral pattern running from the blue central block out to the edge of each log cabin.

I used a variegated grey thread because I wanted it to be quite subtle. I thought it worked well with the circles on the back of the quilt too...

So the finished piece is 70x60 inches - which is more than big enough to keep Paul's tootsies warm while he plays on his PS3! If he can eject Maisy from under it first ;)


  1. It is no wonder Paul is delighted who wouldnt be ? I clicked to enlarge and could see your qulted circles ,very effective ,and as you say looks good on the back ,alot of work and love have gone into that quilt Sarah it is handsome ,was tempted to say beautiful but you know what I mean ...love Jan xx,

  2. That looks lovely he should be pleased - well done you !!

  3. A lovely quilt, it's no wonder Paul's pleased with it not that he would dare say anything else.


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