A little bit of beading....

Has it really been a month since my last post? Oh dear, it has.... Well it has been another busy month with work from many sources (which is always good news - but doesn't leave much time for being creative!)

But here are some projects that I have managed to 'fit in' over the last few weeks....

Carnival - I made this during the weekend because the weather has been so cold and miserable and I felt my soul needed a little colour!

They are peyote stitch beads using my favourite delica beads and are simple but effective, and add a bit of colour to any outfit!

Beaded Baby - I made this little love last Sunday while Paul was poorly in bed so I didn't feel guilty about locking myself away in my studio and watching Tom Baker episodes of Dr Who all day!

I used one of my face beads that has been hanging around my stash for ages, and a little lucite flower as my basis. She is worked in a mixture of different shaped beads couched onto a felt back. I think she will become a brooch, or maybe an embellishment on a bag. For me, the fun was in the making on this one!

So there we are, a bit of a catch up... I will not leave it so long before the next post ;)


  1. Necklace and earrings are really pretty - had been wondering what you were up to as you hadn't blogged for ages.


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