A finished Quilt - despite 'help'!

Well Paul's quilt is finally finished after I spent last night hand stitching the binding on. Paul wont see the finished item until tonight so I will share pics tomorrow... but here is a sneak peak of the back. Isn't it fabulous? It was in the bargain bin of a fabric warehouse in Leicester, and I decided that it was just perfect!

However, it is not so easy to finish a quilt when someone else is just too interested!

"Whatcha doin mam?"

"I am helping with the binding..."

"And this quilt is just too comfortable for words!"
I eventually had too 'see her off' for her own safety (and so I could get finished), and she sulked outside the studio for the rest of the day!


  1. I felt rally sorry for your Kitty ~ but am glad you didn't stitch her into the quilt ~ which by the way I think the quilt is beautiful ~ Ally x

  2. Well done completing ,the quilt in time ,especially as you have a helper hmm ?,,dying to see tother side ..love Jan xx


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