Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sharing some pics of my trip

As my regular readers will know, I have just had a few days away at my Mum's house in County Cork Eire. She and my stepfather are planning to sell their farm  and move back to England to live on a barge. Because the house is now on the market and the delightful Paul had never seen it, we decided we had better take a hop, skip and a jump across the water and pay a visit. My Mum has the most amazing garden which they work hard to maintain, and views to die for (that's the benefit of living on the side of a mountain) so I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you.

This is their house:
It is a traditional Irish farmhouse with real log fires and wobbly walls!
They are keen gardeners with a 3 acre plot full of wonder with views across the mountains... and the most beautiful pond you ever saw:

And some amazing seedheads - this is Love in the Mist.

This is some sort of Allium but to me it looks like a fairy castle!

They love their flowers and I couldn't resist a splash of colour on an otherwise overcast day. Some lilies:

And a passion flower growing in Mum's greenhouse:

This is a fabulous picture that the delicious Paul took in Bantry bay...

He has a very good eye for setting the scene in a photo. It really captures the weather we endured over the three days we were there! Well Mum's cottage has working fireplaces so you are never cold and wet for long :)

After we left Eire on Wednesday, we headed for Swansea for a couple of days for a family wedding on Friday. The weather in Wales was changeable to say the least, but during a sunny moment we visited Bracelet Bay in the Mumbles which was brilliant. Here are a couple of pics:

 Here is the moment where the sea got me!

We took plenty of pictures of the rock pools with superb reflections, colours and textures. Maybe I will use one for a future project!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Doctor Who exhibition

I couldn't resist sharing some pics of our trip to the Dr Who exhibition in Cardiff during our holiday. I am a huge fan and have been since the Tom Baker days (as I how my age).

I couldn't resist having my picture taken next to a headless David Tennant:

But don't worry, I bought a life-size David Tennant cardboard cut-out (with head) to keep me company in my studio!

And any of you who know me will know how much I love John Barrowman so they were lucky I was so well behaved standing next to his Captain Jack costume...

The exhibitions were great - very interactive and the Daleks and Cybermen where quite startling. I was a little disappointed that there is nothing from season 4 (where David leaves) and season 5 (where we meet Matt as the new Doctor) so it could really do with some updating... but as a fan, small as it was I felt it was well worth a visit.

But for those days when there is just not enough time... I found myself a TARDIS. Result!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

taking over the asylum!

Hi - I am Maisy and I plan to take over the world... starting with Sarah's house!
Here I am planning world domination!!!!

I moved in at the weekend and I have already started helping Sarah with her work...

Quite frankly I think this mouse isnt up to much!!!

But I have them fooled so far - they think I am harmless....

But it's hard work being this cute!

I think Sarah and Paul are going to be a pushover, they love me already!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

All finished! POAS is over so I can share some pics...

Well the Peterborough Artists Open studio is over now and all of my pieces have been carried up in their boxes to my studio on the third floor. Fortunately the delicious Paul was available for manly box carrying duties!!!

I think that it hes been quiet for everyone who has exhibited this year, so it was not just me. But the people who came were lovely, and if any of you are reading now I would like to say 'thank you' for making the effort to come out in the heat and chat with me. I learnt a lot about my own work by watching others observe it, and I will start absorbing these lessons straight away. It is also the first time I have seen so much of my work together in one place, which was enlightening in itself. I felt that it showed my work as a progression rather than as pieces of work created in isolation.

Anyway, for those of you who were not able to make it, I thought I would share a couple of pics with you:

Some close ups of the jewellery:

That's the quilt I made for Dad in the centre, and I pinned my 'Mental Mashup' quilt so that people could examine the backing:

My work books proved to be exceptionally popular with some visitors pouring over them for ages. It seems that people are really interested in the processes as well as the product - something I shall definitely remember for next time!

This is one I havent blogged about before - and is based on a Monet painting done in Machine embroidery. It drew some attention, but didn't sell. Never mind, maybe another time:

Well I think that is enough for today. I want to do a separate blog about my art quilt in the top picture called 'pinwheel and curves'. I didn't blog before because I only finished it at 4am the morning before the exhibition started. And even I don't have enough energy to blog at that time in the morning!!!

Well once again I would like to say thanks to all of those who were able to join me over the last 3 weekends and let you know that I really appreciate your comments about my work. It is really affirming when people like your work. Even though I do what I do because it pleases me, it is heartening to know that others appreciate it too. And now I feel like a 'real' artist :0)

Monday, 5 July 2010

POAS Update and some clever Beaded Button Ladies!

This is a quick update as I am flying to Cork in the morning so must get this post done before I collapse into my bed!

Well another POAS weekend has come to an end. This weekend was a little busier than last weekend which is gratifying. It is nice to not be too busy, because I get to have a bit of a chat with my visitors, and some of them have been real characters I can tell you! It has been nice to meet some fellow bloggers -like Julie from Mixed Media who popped in on Saturday while I was teaching my beaded button class.

I had 4 ladies learning the beaded button techniques and they all had a great (though tiring) day. Here are the fruits of their labours!

Anne used beads of different shapes and sizes to create a button with real texture. A striking result which works well from a distance and close up!

Gill was very brave to attempt a highly structured design for her first piece because it can be very unforgiving of errors. But keeping it constrained didnt appear to be a problem and the result is really impressive. Well done Gill.

Pat is well on her way to producing a delightfully restrained button here. We all thought the delicate colour choices leant a regal air to the design whilst the fluid lines radiating from the focal bead stopped it becoming to rigid and kept it fluid.

Well Sally really got into the swing of it!!! She cleverly used the design of the fabric to drive the design of her first button, and knowing when to stop is a real art! On the second button she went all out for glamour with the reflective beads giving real punch to the designs.

All four ladies did some marvellous work and I hope to get to see some pictures of the finished items. As usual the Art & Stitch ladies looked after us with plenty of caffeine to help with 'tiny needle related fatigue'!

Well I will sign off now as I am leaving for a few days well earned break with Mum in Ireland. I will be back at the POAS exhibition on Sunday for my final day so feel free to pop in and saw hello... and ladies, if you do drop in, bring your buttons!! I would be delighted to see them finished (and I will be free to help you rethread your needles too!!!)

Friday, 2 July 2010

Doesn't the weekend come around quickly?

Another week is over and I have spent all of it away from home in Middlesborough and Durham! As such I have no new work to share but just wanted to post a reminder that Peterborough Artists Open Studio is on again this weekend, and I will be teaching my Beaded Buttons class again tomorrow at Art & Stitch. So feel free to pop along and say Hi.

I'd also like to announce that I sold a piece of my work over the the first weekend of the show. It is a stitched paper and embroidery piece called 'Red' (otherwise known as Gizzards by the lovely Paul) and will be winging it's way to a new home after the show is over.
It is so gratifying when someone is willing to part with their cash in order to hang something you made in their house. It kinda validates the effort that we put into our work.