POAS Update and some clever Beaded Button Ladies!

This is a quick update as I am flying to Cork in the morning so must get this post done before I collapse into my bed!

Well another POAS weekend has come to an end. This weekend was a little busier than last weekend which is gratifying. It is nice to not be too busy, because I get to have a bit of a chat with my visitors, and some of them have been real characters I can tell you! It has been nice to meet some fellow bloggers -like Julie from Mixed Media who popped in on Saturday while I was teaching my beaded button class.

I had 4 ladies learning the beaded button techniques and they all had a great (though tiring) day. Here are the fruits of their labours!

Anne used beads of different shapes and sizes to create a button with real texture. A striking result which works well from a distance and close up!

Gill was very brave to attempt a highly structured design for her first piece because it can be very unforgiving of errors. But keeping it constrained didnt appear to be a problem and the result is really impressive. Well done Gill.

Pat is well on her way to producing a delightfully restrained button here. We all thought the delicate colour choices leant a regal air to the design whilst the fluid lines radiating from the focal bead stopped it becoming to rigid and kept it fluid.

Well Sally really got into the swing of it!!! She cleverly used the design of the fabric to drive the design of her first button, and knowing when to stop is a real art! On the second button she went all out for glamour with the reflective beads giving real punch to the designs.

All four ladies did some marvellous work and I hope to get to see some pictures of the finished items. As usual the Art & Stitch ladies looked after us with plenty of caffeine to help with 'tiny needle related fatigue'!

Well I will sign off now as I am leaving for a few days well earned break with Mum in Ireland. I will be back at the POAS exhibition on Sunday for my final day so feel free to pop in and saw hello... and ladies, if you do drop in, bring your buttons!! I would be delighted to see them finished (and I will be free to help you rethread your needles too!!!)


  1. The buttons are lovely - especially like the blue one and purple ones. Have a good week in Cork.

  2. I'm very envious of you being in Cork :o) Have a lovely time! The buttons are beautiful. I may have to do a class some time, as if I need any more distractions! lol

  3. The buttons all looked lovely and they all enjoyed themselves - enjoy Ireland see you soon


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