Sharing some pics of my trip

As my regular readers will know, I have just had a few days away at my Mum's house in County Cork Eire. She and my stepfather are planning to sell their farm  and move back to England to live on a barge. Because the house is now on the market and the delightful Paul had never seen it, we decided we had better take a hop, skip and a jump across the water and pay a visit. My Mum has the most amazing garden which they work hard to maintain, and views to die for (that's the benefit of living on the side of a mountain) so I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you.

This is their house:
It is a traditional Irish farmhouse with real log fires and wobbly walls!
They are keen gardeners with a 3 acre plot full of wonder with views across the mountains... and the most beautiful pond you ever saw:

And some amazing seedheads - this is Love in the Mist.

This is some sort of Allium but to me it looks like a fairy castle!

They love their flowers and I couldn't resist a splash of colour on an otherwise overcast day. Some lilies:

And a passion flower growing in Mum's greenhouse:

This is a fabulous picture that the delicious Paul took in Bantry bay...

He has a very good eye for setting the scene in a photo. It really captures the weather we endured over the three days we were there! Well Mum's cottage has working fireplaces so you are never cold and wet for long :)

After we left Eire on Wednesday, we headed for Swansea for a couple of days for a family wedding on Friday. The weather in Wales was changeable to say the least, but during a sunny moment we visited Bracelet Bay in the Mumbles which was brilliant. Here are a couple of pics:

 Here is the moment where the sea got me!

We took plenty of pictures of the rock pools with superb reflections, colours and textures. Maybe I will use one for a future project!


  1. They must be sad to leave such a lovely home but living on a barge sounds exciting too ,Thankyou for sharing the lovely pictures Jan xx

  2. Wow the farmhouse sounds magical - and it seems you and Paul had a lovely few days away - back to the grind this week is it?

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    Wow! what a beautiful house and garden.


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