taking over the asylum!

Hi - I am Maisy and I plan to take over the world... starting with Sarah's house!
Here I am planning world domination!!!!

I moved in at the weekend and I have already started helping Sarah with her work...

Quite frankly I think this mouse isnt up to much!!!

But I have them fooled so far - they think I am harmless....

But it's hard work being this cute!

I think Sarah and Paul are going to be a pushover, they love me already!


  1. Oh how cute.... Prrrrr ..love Jan xx

  2. too too adorable! I hope she's handy with a needle and thread...

  3. She has the cutest little 'patchwork' face :0) - but I haven't let her in my sewing room yet! I am afraid of the carnage she could cause lol

  4. Life will never be the same again! ;o) she is gorgeous!

  5. Oh soo pretty - well you will have some fun in store when she manages to sneak into the sewing room!! How has the older cat taken to the little one?

  6. Well they have stopped hissing at each other now... so fingers crossed!


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