Foam - an Exhibition piece

This is the finished piece and was inspired by a walk on the beach at Great Yarmouth, where I collected the shells used. The original idea was to make it into a book cover but I think the project has grown too large for that. Maybe I will make a smaller version and use that instead....
To create this piece I painted plain calico and then stitched the circles onto it. I initially stitched the circles and then machined over them again with a layer of wadding in between and extra stuffing in some areas to give a real sense of depth.

The net was created by machine stitching a grid onto dissolvable fabric. I purposely only gently rinsed the fabric away because I wanted the netting to retain some of the glue so it could be modeled easily.

After initially painting the piece of calico and then stitching it I decided that there was not enough depth of colour around the bubbles. So I got out the old art supplies and got dug in. I used acrylic paints, coloured pencils, water colour pencils and crayons to further define the circles. I think the result was quite effective.
This is a close up of the shell and bead detail. I am quite proud of the amount of recycling in this piece, from the found objects from the beach to the beads collected from a broken necklace that has sat in my bit box for years waiting for a project.

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