Peterborough Embroiderers Guild Exhibition

Well the guild exhibition is over this weekend so I thought I should get around to blogging about some of the pieces that I showed in my first ever exhibition!

Getting ready for this exhibition was a bit of a stress because I usually only have arbitrary deadlines (like a birthday) so getting 5 items finished at the same time was a bit of a stretch. Work interfered quite a lot - with whole weeks at a time spent in dark hotel rooms where the best I could do was a little light beading. However we got there in the end and I showed the following framed wall hangings:
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Foam
  • And a necklace called Storm which is introduced in post What a weekend
The first 3 pieces were purposely single colour studies because I wanted to restrict my colour palette and focus on creating texture and movement instead.

This piece uses paper and various threads to create texture. Machine embroidery created hollow 'tunnels' which I then (carefully) stuffed. These raised areas were then waxed an polished.

This is a closeup of Red. Polishing made the item look a bit gruesome and a number of people commented that it looked like veins!

I'll cover the other pieces in a later blog. I have been away all week and the old cupboards are bare. Now I don't expect to fade away in the next 2 hours but I am gagging for a cup of tea and the milk has gone lumpy... so see you soon.

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