What a difference a year makes!

Well it is a year today (15th of May) since I sold my share in the shop. And what a year it has been! It was a bit frightening to let go of the safety net that was a regular place of work, regular hours and regular income, but I felt that it was time for me to move on to new challenges.  VAT returns and stock control just wasn't floating my boat and could never leave me enough time to be creative. So I held my breath and took the plunge. 

Now a year on I can reflect to see if it was the correct decision. Heck yes it was. Since then I have hardly stopped. I have had the opportunity to visit the Houston Quilt festival and Quilt Market, meet fabulous people at the Great Craft Extravaganza, Winter Crafting and Crafting Live, work closely with creative people across the craft industry and educated more crafters through TV. 

Linen and Lace Magazine is now a big part of my life (we are working hard on Issue 3) and I have just finished 10 projects for the Prima Makes magazine. I love the creativity that brings. I even get to be Artist In Residence this month in Winchester. Sometime a leap of faith is all that you need to start a enormously exciting and rewarding period in your life.

I am hugely greatful to all of you who have supported me over the last year, Paul, my family, friends and crafters who continue to watch and comment. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!


  1. Love all you do Sarah, but you cost me fortune lol xxx

  2. So pleased it's working for you,love your demos as you explain everything so well. xx

  3. Well done on making that leap Sarah. Looks like it's working out for you x

    1. It certainly seems to be - I hope the change works so well for you too xx

  4. well done Sarah you have certainly inspired me xx

  5. so good that your leap into the unknown has worked so well, and I so enjoy your demos etc on C & C, wishing you success in all the avenues you go down, just keep blogging so we know what you are up to, is there not a book on the list of to dos?


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