New Challenges - and a request for help!

I have been getting messages  asking if everything is 'OK' because I haven't been sharing many quilt project pictures lately. Thank you and yes I am fine! In fact I have been having a wonderfully crafty time working on projects but just can't show them yet as they are involved in my newest project. I am delighted to announce that I am the new Editor of Linen and Lace magazine. Whooo hooo! It is so exciting to be asked to create a vision for the magazine and continue offering great sewing projects for you all. This will be issue 3 of the magazie produced by Tattered Lace. As a result, most of my recent work has to be 'unveiled' at publication!

I was thinking that it would be great to get some of you involved too! If I get enough submissions I would like to add an "Ask the Expert" feature in the next edition. If you have any sewing, quilting or deep dish die questions, then please send them with your name and town (or let me know if you want them published anonymously) to and I will see what we can do about answering them in the magazine. Only the name and Town info will be published!

I also thought that it would be great to show projects from the first 2 issues of the magazine - so if you have a project that you have created from previous Linen & Lace magazines then please send a picture with a few words about it to the same address.

So if you can help, please get in touch!

Here's a sneak peak of one of the projects :)

I am so excited about continuing this fantastic magazine - now it is time to get back to my sewing machine to make up a few more projects!


  1. It will be interesting to see how others have used the designs in the first two magazines, I am fascinated to see if anyone has tried to reproduce the "circles" quilt, which I knocked up in super quick time for Linen and Lace! I did enjoy designing the heart quilt - such nice fabric, and will use this technique over and over again!

    1. I have made a version of it too - so simple and yet so effective xx

  2. all the best with your latest venture, not a magazine I follow as do not have die cutting machines, did have a sizzex but sold it as did not use it much


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