Further Adventures in Machine Quilting!

I had a brilliant day the other week! Some very patient ladies let me set them free motion quilting exercises all day with great success. As relative newbies to free motion work, they took the plunge and joined my "Shells, Hearts & Feathers - further adventures in free motion quilting" workshop, and what fun we had! I wanted to keep this group small as I don't think I can really devote the time to each person on a class like this when there are more than 5 people! Fortunately the overflow will not be disappointed as I am running it again on 14th September once we have moved to the new shop!

Anyway, back to this class. I set the ladies 5 activities throughout the day, but there was plenty of scope to play and experiment before we tackled a 'bigger bit'. I really wanted to encourage peopled to relax and enjoy it!

Here are some of the results.

Jemma made these samples - and I love the heart. She makes quilted items under the name Yelling Pig :)

 Linda worked in red and the results were great! Just love those feathers!

Lyne had a great time from a nervous start, and finished with a fantastic feather with a stippled border.

 I am really proud at what they produced and I look forward to seeing where their samples get them!

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