Blooming Marvellous

Well summer is well and truly with us... with a vengeance! And though the roses in my garden are starting to wilt, these little quilted beauties are as fresh as the day they were started!

I am thrilled with this design, which is a scrappy quilt foundation pieced on paper - which I will be teaching on 17th August in my shop. I love that I can have an idea, make it, show it, get feedback and then add it to the workshop list! It really is the best job in the world!!!!


  1. I'm afraid I can't reply to your comment Judy as you are set as no reply - but thank you for taking the time to reply.

    I am glad you like this one - it is so bright and cheerful! But watch this space as it is due to feature in a national magazine in 2014 (fingers crossed) so you will be able to make your own version!


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