I love it when two of my great loves; technology and quilting, meet! I was enjoying a glass of cider in my sunny garden the other day when I noticed the QR Code on my cider bottle. You may have seen these little fellas all over the place. They are black and white images that can be scanned with a smart phone and will take you to a website or show a message. As I looked at it, I thought "that looks like a postage stamp quilt" and an idea was born.
The ever patient boyfriend found me a qr writer website where we could just type in a message and get an image out!
I did a very simple grid on black and white and set to work with 1 1/2 inch squares in black and white and after a couple of nights sewing I had my own bit of quilting technology!
So if you have a qr reader on your smart phone you should be able to hold it up to this blog and get a message! Anyone....?

Well - for those of you who don't have a qr reader, it will take to straight to my shop website

So this will be perfect for the next show we attend! Unfortunately it wasn't ready for the Quilters Guild Region 9 meeting this month but it will be ready for our stand at Cottenham Summer School!


  1. This is brilliant - classic Sarah, only wish I was clever enough to have a go myself xx


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