A good example or a nasty warning...

As an avid sewist, I make a mess in my sewing room! And I mean a REAL mess. This is the result at the end of last weekend! Oh my!!!!

It had got to the point where I was beginning to worry that the fabric boxes would topple on top of me one day and I would die in some bizarre sewing/horder accident! So Monday night I got the hoover and the bin bag out and after 5 hours tidying we have the following result!

It feels so wonderful to be in there now with the sunlight streaming through the window onto a clean and tidy floor. All my UFOs are boxed up and labelled, and the fabric is all sorted and stored neatly in clear boxes. Now I am ready to get designing with a clear mind and a clear table. Now how relaxed and smug do you think I feel now!!


  1. Whoever thought that when I stood in your brand new studio (some years ago)that your stash would one day fill the room and more - what fun!

  2. Oh SARAH you made me feel SOOOO much better,as my sewing room always looks like your 'before ' picture!! I have just bought 5 boxes from Argos ,but as I'm always preparing for Wednesdays,they haven't been filled yet . My room is never tidy,but I work with the thought 'You can't be creative without making a mess! See you soon -----(well done)xxxxx


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