Saturday, 27 August 2011

Delivery of loveliness

I am such a lucky girl! Look what came in the post today!

The lovely Kathleen Laurel Sage is coming to teach this in our shop in November and her samples arrived today. I am so excited and can't wait to let loose with my soldering iron.

I have also been having a colour-fest! I know it needs an iron but I didnt have one while I had my camera with me!

I am planning to quilt flowers from the patterned fabric in lime green and pink in the orange strip in the middle. It may be fun, or it may be a complete disaster, but I wont know until I try. It was made from strips of 'junk' less that 2 inches wide so no great loss if it ends up in the bin!!!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Finally... a bit of sewing!

Well the shop is 2 weeks old tomorrow, and I finally managed to get my sewing machine out! This is just a quick cushion cover to display one of my favourite families of fabric we have right now. It's not quite finished but we cant have everything!

This is just so delicate and calming - I love it!

The second set of pictures is in contrast to the serene nature of this one...

Those of you who read my blog when I (eventually) get around to updating it will know that my lovely Dad has redone my bathroom. His friend Rob sells tiles and gave me a fabulous discount on the slate that now adorns the walls of the afore mentioned bathroom. Well Rob and his partner have recently had a baby boy named Max. So to thank him for his kindness, and in response to the lovely things Rob said about the quilt I made my Dad, I decided Max must have a baby quilt.

So here it is!
The back and the front do not come even close to matching, but I thought that the dinosaurs would appeal as Max got a little older - and it looks like it wont show too many marks.

I do usually co-ordinate - but decided to just go with it for once and see what happens. I rather like it and I hope Max will too!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Festival of Quilts

I forgot my camera when I wrote my last post, but now I have finally made it to the bottom of my FoQ shopping basket I have my hands on it again. Thanks to Julie who kindly took a picture of me quilt and sent it to me. It is nice to hear what people think of your work, especially when they are as talented as she is!

So here is me - proudly posing by my quilt, despite the fact that I hate having my photo taken!
It was a great experience having your work on display, though it was quite a trial collecting it after the show. Like many people, I had not been sent the final piece of paperwork required to collect the quilt, so after queuing in the wrong line for 30mins I was shifted to another queue in order for someone to check my id (luckily I always have my driving licence on me!), give me a receipt and then re-join the original queue. It was nearly 7 oclock by the time we got away. Next time I will get it posted!!!

The quilts were fabulous as usual - and the winners were absolutely mind blowing! As you have probably seen many pictures of these quilts I wont bore you with any more. However, this Tetris computer game inspired quilt made me smile. The picture looks a bit yellow but it is in black and white - which was what the earliest version of the game was available in.
We also met up with the fabulous Jennie Rayment who will be teaching in the shop in November. She is doing her amazing "All Squared Up" and she had a larger version on display at the show, which demonstrates what you can do with the six blocks she will be teaching.

There are still a couple of places left so if you are interested in coming along just let us know by emailing us at info(at)

All in all it was a terrific day out. The Sunday was a little calmer than I heard other days were, so it was easier to get around and look at all the loveliness on offer. I bought a few bits but will save that for another day!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Normal service soon to be resumed!

It has been all go here! The shop is now up and running and we had a brilliant opening on the 6th. The shop was packed full and buzzing which makes all the hard work worth while. I wont bore you with too many of the details because I have now opened the Bee Crafty Blog and will publish pics of the opening there in a day or so (once they all come back from our photographer!) 

I have been so busy myself that I havent had much time to do much, though I did drag my tired rear end to the festival of quilts to see my own hanging up. I would show you a picture of me gurning next to it but being a numpty I left my camera at home. What a great day out that is! So much to look at and so many lovely things to buy! I may not be losing pounds, but my purse certain was!!!!

So in leiu of a quilt picture I will share one of the cake that a friend kindly made for us for our opening. There was no shortage of people keen to share it with us!

And Yes! the champagne went down a treat after closing I can tell you!