Finally... a bit of sewing!

Well the shop is 2 weeks old tomorrow, and I finally managed to get my sewing machine out! This is just a quick cushion cover to display one of my favourite families of fabric we have right now. It's not quite finished but we cant have everything!

This is just so delicate and calming - I love it!

The second set of pictures is in contrast to the serene nature of this one...

Those of you who read my blog when I (eventually) get around to updating it will know that my lovely Dad has redone my bathroom. His friend Rob sells tiles and gave me a fabulous discount on the slate that now adorns the walls of the afore mentioned bathroom. Well Rob and his partner have recently had a baby boy named Max. So to thank him for his kindness, and in response to the lovely things Rob said about the quilt I made my Dad, I decided Max must have a baby quilt.

So here it is!
The back and the front do not come even close to matching, but I thought that the dinosaurs would appeal as Max got a little older - and it looks like it wont show too many marks.

I do usually co-ordinate - but decided to just go with it for once and see what happens. I rather like it and I hope Max will too!


  1. Nice to see youa t the show - it was great wasn't it. I am sure Max will love his quilt - like the cushion too.

  2. The quilt for Max is gorgeous, he's sure to love it as he gets older. Dinosaurs are always popular :-)


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