Mental Mashup

Well I have been swamped this week - with work and with my studies, but I found time on Saturday night infront of the sky + to complete the binding on my 'Mental Mashup' quilt. This was so much fun to do. The batik fabrics are delightful and the colours are divine!

Here is the lovely Paul modelling my latest creation:

 The centre of each square has a quilted flower:

I have even been so smug as to sign it (as this one is for me!!) - you may not be able to see it (though you can click on the image to see a bigger version) but it is on the greyish rectangle block (and it says Sarah Payne):

The back is also mad - with a wonderful mix of colours which Paul is again demonstrating!

The quilting gets a bit lost on the back but I have included a couple of shots anyway...

I am over the moon with the results - and it is so comfortable I fell asleep under it this afternoon after my Sunday roast! What a lucky girl I am ;0)


  1. What a 'lucky girl' ,what a 'clever' girl you mean ,that quilt is absolutely beautiful ,and Paul is so handsome , Jan xx

  2. Hi Sarah, I love your quilt!! Oh that backing fabric is so wonderful too. I have a hard time using the terrific ones on the back.

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  3. What a beautiful quilt Sarah and I love the quilting. Such a lot of work but well worth it.

  4. You are soo lucky Paul, the Quilt and the new cat. it looks great finished well done - will have to communicate with Vicki for her views!!!!


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