Sunday, 24 May 2009

Finding a friend for BeeJay

I was surfing a few weeks ago when I came across an international group called Toy Society (blog can be found here), members of which drop handmade toy for passing strangers to pick up. I thought that this was such a beautiful idea that I immediately signed up! So that night BeeJay was born!!
The next thing was to find a place to drop him for some lucky person to find. I was working in Bognor Regis last week, so thought that might be a good place. But I don't know the area and was only around in the evenings to 'drop' so not really an abundance of passing children. Therefore I decided to go closer to home, and as the sun was beating down today and everyone was out and about, we chose Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough for our drop.

The spot we chose was one of the paths by the river, and after the bridge there is a little bench with a handy tree right next to it. Trying not to look too suspicious, we waited for a break in the passersby, and hurriedly tied him to the tree with his label and a letter explaining what Toy Society is all about.

I took a picture of him in situ and continued our walk.
What a glorious day!
Anyway, after about an hour we returned to the spot to find the tree empty. So hopefully BeeJay is out there somewhere living a new life and being someone special to someone special. It doesn't get better than that!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Album cover

I thought that I would add some pics of a project that took up many months of last year - a photo album for my dear friend Debs who was moving over to sunny Oz and I wanted some her to have something special to remember us by.

So I set about a project! I eventually settled on a theme which was England (as a reminder of home) - and after many ideas that just didnt cut it, I went for the 'green man of the forest' with the links to old England, and the 'green and pleasant land'. For the front piece I used a 'created ' fabric from paper and lightly needlefelt wool, which I then machine stitched to hold it all together. I cut the piece into squares and then stitched them together again to get a 'trellis' effect. The green man was made using needlefelting techniques and surrounded with stitched leaves so that he appears to come 'out of the woods'
The back was enormous fun! I used a paper bag as the base, which I painted, stitched, embossed and waxed to within an inch of its life using metal threads, metalic paint and huge quantities of elbow grease! Eventually this was treated with what felt like a million layers of pva to protect it and to stop the paper shredding.

I put it put together to form the cover of a shop-bought photo album with a stitched 'backbone' which I lightly stamped with some text so it looked like an old book. I handed it over to my friend at her 'goodbye bbq' last summer! She was delighted with it and I keep promising to put together another book detailing how I made the first one. This was originally the plan behind 'Foam' - which was to be a book cover for a book about a book cover! However, as I sold that after the exhibition, I guess I will have to go back to the drawing board again this year and start again. How terrible ;)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

What a lovely place to play

Well we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the cardboard box front. My studio is now unpacked and I have to say that I absolutely love it and so I thought I would share it! Paul's Dad picked up a mahogany planners desk for me from Ramsey Auctions for £13 (what a bargain!!) which is now the centre piece for the room. It has such a marvelous patina that I am often tempted to stroke it, but that wont get any work done :)
This gives me the space to get out lots of my 'lovelies' that have been crammed in corners of shoved in the attic since I moved in with Paul 3 years ago. I love bowls, and I have collected a number during my travels. So now I have been able to use them to hold my 'bead soup', shells, semi precious cabochons, pebbles and 'stuff'.
Another new addition to my room was a fab storage unit that was previously used to display Glamor Buttons and which I picked up in a junk shop a week ago. It is perfect for holding threads, buttons and beads, and I love the fact that it is back doing what it was designed to do despite what looks like a very busy life in between! I love old things - however battered they may appear - and it brings some light relief from the plastic storage that I have to endure in order to keep my treasures safe!
Another item of gorgeousness is a thuya wood box from Morocco that my lovely boyfriend Paul bought for me at the Burghley house craft fair the other weekend.
It has 4 draws that I am currently using to house 'precious things'!

I am so spoilt!!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Anything can come gift wrapped...

One of the surprises about moving into a new build is that they leave your new toilets gift wrapped with a big bow! Who would have guessed lol. So I have four of these now and will definitely put them to good use!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Just messing about... part 2

I posted a blog last month about a 'play piece' that I had been stitching and that I planned to make into a book cover... well that didn't happen. It didn't 'feel' like a book - it had more of a bag 'vibe' and so here is a picture of the finished article!
Only big enough to carry a credit card and maybe a key, but I am pleased with it. Now all I need is an outfit and an occassion to wear it!

Teddy Bears picnic

Here is a couple of little cuties I thought I would share with you - needle felted bears with some small origami gift boxes that I have been playing with after buying the gorgeous paper at last years Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate. I love the tiny teddies, and I originally made them to go in the 'pile of unwrapped pressies' for my Xmas themed dollshouse room. But I love them so much that I cant 'bear' to put them away until next Christmas.

This one is Bernard and I adore the colours. You probably cant tell from the pic but the purple in both his ears are slightly different shades - which I think makes him all the cuter. Next time I'll use a daylight bulb just in case!!

And this is Bertie. He is the smallest I have managed so far... but I love a challenge so I'll keep trying!