What a lovely place to play

Well we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the cardboard box front. My studio is now unpacked and I have to say that I absolutely love it and so I thought I would share it! Paul's Dad picked up a mahogany planners desk for me from Ramsey Auctions for £13 (what a bargain!!) which is now the centre piece for the room. It has such a marvelous patina that I am often tempted to stroke it, but that wont get any work done :)
This gives me the space to get out lots of my 'lovelies' that have been crammed in corners of shoved in the attic since I moved in with Paul 3 years ago. I love bowls, and I have collected a number during my travels. So now I have been able to use them to hold my 'bead soup', shells, semi precious cabochons, pebbles and 'stuff'.
Another new addition to my room was a fab storage unit that was previously used to display Glamor Buttons and which I picked up in a junk shop a week ago. It is perfect for holding threads, buttons and beads, and I love the fact that it is back doing what it was designed to do despite what looks like a very busy life in between! I love old things - however battered they may appear - and it brings some light relief from the plastic storage that I have to endure in order to keep my treasures safe!
Another item of gorgeousness is a thuya wood box from Morocco that my lovely boyfriend Paul bought for me at the Burghley house craft fair the other weekend.
It has 4 draws that I am currently using to house 'precious things'!

I am so spoilt!!!

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  1. Your room looks great. I especially like the storage unit with the drawers - what a terrific find!


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