Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Finally... the Christmas reveal!

I have been told off lately for not blogging much during December, but the truth is that the majority of my crafting time was spent creating a lap quilt for my Dad and I didn't want him to see it before time - so here it is at last!

This is my Dad, my brother and my nieces and nephew admiring the label on the back - well they are easily pleased!!:
The pattern was (I think) called Turned 9 patch and was taught to me by Pam at Art & Stitch. I wanted something that was simple and effective - without being too fussy. This is the quilt laid out ready for quilting - I chose masculine colours and I am over the moon with the results:

As this is my first quilt, I chose to quilt diagonally across the quilt in red:

This left the grey areas looking a little dull so I got braver and quilted a spiral in the centre of each one:
Working on a quilt was much harder than practicing on a foot square sandwich, but I got there in the end - albeit with a few wobbly bits but I don't think anyone will notice.

I also made a little journal to go with the quilt - made using the same fabrics and including some pictures of me and my Dad, and the stages in making the quilt. Dad was chuffed with that too.
Inside, me and my Dad in Granddad's garden in about 1973:

Dad sporting a very fetching moustache! My 5 year old nephew saw this picture and wanted to know why I looked like a boy - thanks James!!:
All in all both gifts were delightfully received which is what it is all about. It made all the effort (and occasional swearing) worth it. Best get some fabric out for the next quilt then :)


  1. I'm so glad your dad liked his quilt,I know all the hard work that went into it and occasional swearing mmm! The book is a lovely idea, weren't you a cute baby :-) Well done Sarah.

  2. As to beign a cute baby - nice to see some things never change :)


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